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S86PLUS——Peacock blue gold

S86PLUS——Peacock blue gold

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There is a kind of blue called malachite blue. This is a kind of color that reminds me of summer when I see it. It is quiet and peaceful, just like the afternoon in summer, when the sun shines through the sea, the warmth is also a little thin and cool.


Malachite blue is one of the earliest porcelain glaze colors. "malachite blue glaze" is also known as "French blue". It is a low-temperature glaze with bright blue tone after firing.


Peacock blue is not only a beautiful name, pure as a color, but also very popular. The summery feeling that peacock blue brings especially, can let a person cannot help recalling shallow beach, cool breeze, and the morning that the sun has not risen.


Therefore, like the person of summer, cannot help but move peacock blue into the home. Make it the background of the photo wall, make it the window


Wood art home this aluminum - covered wooden Windows, customized for customers. Wood color comes from peacock, use brush gold craft, highlight the beauty of wood grain, reveal nobility and luxurious temperament.


86 window screen integration (S86PLUS)


Peacock blue

△Because of the light reason, shooting picture may have color difference with the actual color!



Wooden house

Super options for customization only!



The wood is American red oak with good stability and fine texture...



Finland TEKNOS environmental protection water-based paint. Each frame and window frame are high-quality goods make, this is window of wood art home aluminum-clad wood customization!



Frame or window frame has very hot print, buy happy, use be at ease, make comfortable heart. Ensure that every customer, with genuine products, enjoy wood art home all quality services.


German SCHLEGEL tape is used for good sealing, heat preservation and sound insulation.



European RC level 2 anti-theft hardware, unique "mushroom head" design, more locking points, so that there is no dead Angle of safety, all-weather protection of indoor safety, refuse uninvited guests.



Protect the king kong net, prevent snakes, rats and other indoor. Summer ventilation, window fan open, king kong net closed effectively prevent children from falling from the air.



Swiss SWISSPACER warm - edge spacer effectively prevents condensation. This S86PLUS is equipped with 5G+12N+5G+12N+5GLOW E insulating glass, which makes the room more warm and comfortable in cold winter. Block ultraviolet ray effectively in hot summer, avoid skin and indoor furniture to get damage.



Using seamless welding technology, "metal coat" surface more flat, seamless and beautiful, the overall vision is more harmonious. The exterior aluminum matte effect, from the color and texture and wood harmony and unity, excellent configuration.



The inner wood is made of American red oak, the color is malachite blue, and the surface of the wood is polished with gold, so that the gold is embedded into the capillary holes of the wood. The capillarity aperture of the lumber of American red oak is bulky, apparent, the component that brush besmear can be embedded deeper and more firmly among them, achieve anticipated adornment effect.



Because lumber has grain alone, surface decorative pattern is very clear beautiful. No matter be hill shape wood grain or running water wood grain, its stereo feeling is very strong, brush gold to highlight the beauty of wood grain more, can give whole home outfit a kind of nobility and luxurious temperament more can highlight master and numerous and extraordinary temperament.


Wood art home welcome different you, to wood art home customized different aluminum coated wooden Windows.