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Why do the Orientals like wood? The oriental culture advocates the unity of heaven and man, and the Taoist law is natural. Natural materials conform to Oriental health and aesthetic philosophy. Wood color, pattern, ring and so on are rich in natural beauty and texture. Modern solid wood doors and windows combine the advantages of natural wood and international advanced production technology, and gradually become a new force in China's doors and windows industry.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the production technology and processing equipment of the wood processing industry are close to the international advanced level. All kinds of wood composite materials with excellent performance have been used in wood door window products.

Avoid counterfeit products confused with fish eyes in various fields, which is conducive to the healthy development of the industry. The state stipulates the terms and definitions, classification and marking, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking and transportation, packaging and storage of wooden doors and windows.

The national standard "GB/T 29498-2013" stipulates that solid wood doors and windows are made of wood and lumber.

This is a real wood window - M68. Wood, wood, wood, wood tough and compact, good stability, low thermal conductivity, excellent energy saving, clear texture, smooth surface, with good decorative performance. It is mainly used for high-grade doors and windows and furniture, flooring, fine woodworking products, etc.

The woodenvier chooses Finland TEKNOS environmental protection waterborne paint. The international standard certification is safer, formaldehyde free and other harmful substances, and has anti-corrosion and mildew proof functions. The original hardware imported European RC2 class anti-theft hardware, unique "mushroom head" and more locking points, close more closely, higher security level, more secure.

The wood artists attach great importance to talents and cultivate a group of skilled craftsmen. From the processing technology of cutting, polishing, painting and so on, the wood's natural characteristics and texture will be applied to the extreme.

Unique "wooden artists" hot stamping, enjoy high quality performance and quality after-sales service. Standard German HOPPE handles the noble appearance, smooth operation and longer use.

The wood artists serve every family and provide product customization, whether it is solid wood series or aluminum wrapped wood series, and the inner wood color can be customized. Please refer to customer service woodworking doors and windows.