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The first window themed cafe in China -- yuandou Cafe

2020-04-17 16:29:42

On October 18, 2019, located in Changchun City, China's first window themed Cafe opened.

The whole window themed coffee shop adopts aluminum clad wooden windows with excellent air tightness, sound insulation and heat preservation. It is only for creating a comfortable and warm space in winter, cool and warm in summer, so that every friend can enjoy a good time.
The whole indoor environment is more close to nature with the help of green plants. In winter, the red element of "north country red bean" adds some warmth to the cold winter.
With the unique daylighting glass dome of the carpenter's aluminum clad wood sunlight room as the decoration, the mortise and tenon culture can be more closely and truly displayed, and the perfect combination of wood and window, wood and art can be better understood.
This kind of flat roof design makes the seamless transition between the ceiling and the daylighting glass dome, without a huge connection outline, which is natural and more aesthetic. The excellent flat roof design of heat preservation and insulation, together with the fashionable daylighting glass dome, makes the aluminum clad wood sunlight room of the carpenter like a winter garden, comfortable, warm and warm.
The first window themed caf é in China has a window culture display area. Through a harmonious way, the window culture can be better integrated into the coffee culture. While enjoying the coffee culture and the good time, it can bring different feelings and add a new cultural atmosphere.
In the whole environment, we can not only enjoy the warm and quiet experience brought by the insulation performance and sound insulation performance of the aluminum clad wooden window of the carpenter, but also feel a more real experience.
The real feeling of the tentacles, with gorgeous appearance, delicate texture, comfortable touch, flexible and smooth operation, can also hear the German hope handle of "voice of safety", making life more tasteful.
High quality European RC Level 2 hardware, multi lock point design, better tightness, higher security level, providing better private space and security protection for life.
The unique customized design makes the proportion more harmonious, spacious vision, overlooking the distance, recalling the beautiful memories and dreams, and making every ray of sunshine light up life.
The development of window culture is closer to life. Constantly meet people's pursuit of environmental protection and health concept, understanding of beauty and comfort requirements, as well as more customized requirements and so on.
In terms of material selection, the carpenter uses more stable high-quality wood, more environmental friendly Danish teknos environmental friendly water-based paint, and pure water as diluent, which is harmless to the body.
"Interior wood and exterior aluminum" structure meets the requirements of different indoor and outdoor environments. Clear and beautiful natural wood texture can be enjoyed indoors, and luxurious "metal coat" can be enjoyed outdoors, which can more harmoniously meet different indoor and outdoor decoration styles and architectural environment.
A variety of customized wood window appearance colors and a variety of precious wood customization, show their own temperament and taste. Different pursuits, the same performance experience, unique four-way sealing system, whole frame seamless welding technology, and hidden drainage system present a more insulation, sound insulation and safety experience.
While enjoying the coffee culture, feel the window culture that changes life. Let this beautiful first window themed caf é in China, while enjoying the mellow and silky coffee, take you to listen to the story of the wooden window and travel in the world of the wooden window.
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