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Carpenter aluminum clad wooden window, give you sunshine and life

2020-04-17 13:23:32

Early in the morning, a ray of sunlight directly into the room, like a bunch of shining gold wire, not only illuminating the room, but also illuminating the heart. The sunshine in winter is so bright, it gives you warmth and strength. There is no sunshine in life.

Carpenter's aluminum clad wooden window adopts three glass and two cavity offline Low-E hollow glass. Low-E coated glass can achieve a very high visible light transmittance, even only 5% lower than ordinary glass. It can also effectively control the transmission and reflection of visible light, which can not only meet the requirements of energy saving, but also meet the requirements of lighting comfort. More importantly, Low-E coated glass can reflect up to 90% of far infrared at the same time.

The "low radiation hollow glass" made of Low-E coated glass not only greatly reduces the transmission of heat conduction and convection, but also greatly blocks the transmission of heat radiation. Its thermal insulation performance is higher than that of ordinary hollow glass.

Four sealing systems are composed of Schlegel adhesive strip, main sealing hot-melt welding adhesive strip and soft and hard coextrusion adhesive strip, with super air tightness and better heat preservation performance.

Life needs to be healthy. Carpenter uses Danish teknos environmental protection water-based paint on the surface of aluminum clad wood window wood, with pure water as diluent, zero formaldehyde, safety and environmental protection.

Aluminum clad wooden window has clear visible wood texture and natural breath, making the interior more warm and comfortable.

Each window, tailored, reasonable proportion, careful design, so that the aluminum clad wooden window and indoor harmony and unity, so that life is better.

The aluminum clad wooden window of the carpenter locks the sunlight in winter, creates a warm, sound proof and comfortable living space for you, makes every night so quiet, and makes you live in happiness every day.

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