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WOOD ARTIST: Guard with heart and make windows with heart

2019-12-04 16:09:01

As a high-end aluminum clad wood customized door and window brand, carpenter has provided high-quality customized services and customized high-standard door and window solutions for each family for 16 years. Do not forget the original intention, carefully do every window, gather global high-quality brands, and create high-quality aluminum clad wooden windows.

The aluminum clad wooden window of the carpenter is made of high-quality wood, more precious wood, such as Myanmar black line teak, mahogany, ebony, tiger spot wood, etc. Each kind of wood texture is unique, showing its unique charm. Professional equipment guarantees the moisture content and stability of wood.

Carpenter's aluminum clad wooden window has double decorative effects of interior wood and exterior aluminum. The whole window and interior decoration style are harmonious and unified. Compared with metal materials, there are more temperatures, making the interior more warm and delicate.

Denmark teknos water-based paint, with pure water as diluent, safe and environmental protection, zero formaldehyde, VOC index is far lower than national and EU standards, making life healthier. A variety of color choices make life more exciting.

The whole window is designed reasonably, the vision is wide, the indoor has sufficient sunlight, the cold winter is warmer.

Outdoor "metal coat" adopts the whole frame seamless welding technology, which is complete and seamless, more solid and waterproof as a whole. Aksu powder in the Netherlands presents a very textural appearance, with excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance; the hidden drainage system, wind resistance, and perfect integration with the external aluminum surface, super drainage performance to protect the interior wood, with a longer service life.

This aluminum clad wooden window with integrated screen can provide more families with professional safety protection, effectively prevent mosquitoes, snakes and mice from entering the room, and prevent children from falling accidentally.

Offline Low-E hollow glass, three layers of original glass are all high-quality toughened glass, with high mechanical strength and heat-resistant impact strength, high safety factor. When the toughened glass is damaged by external force, the fragments will form obtuse angle small particles similar to honeycomb, which is not easy to cause serious injury to human body.

The "low radiation hollow glass" made of Low-E coated glass not only greatly reduces the transmission of heat conduction and convection, but also greatly blocks the transmission of heat radiation. Its thermal insulation performance is higher than that of ordinary hollow glass. In the cold winter, the carpenter's aluminum clad wooden window makes the interior warmer and quieter, creating a comfortable and peaceful night.

Let the security problem no longer be a worry and fear. The carpenter uses the European RC Level 2 anti-theft hardware, the original Austrian MACO hardware, the German roto hardware, and the Italian AGB anti-theft hardware with RC Level 3 to ensure that every family enjoys a good life.

With the German hope handle, it is ergonomically designed to bring different use feeling, comfortable touch, smooth opening and closing operation, and unique "voice of safety" to make life more secure.

The aluminum clad wooden window of the carpenter has a variety of opening ways to meet the needs of indoor ventilation in various environments. The flat opening mode has a large amount of air intake and fast ventilation, which is safer; the inverted opening mode allows the air flow to enter the room gently and circularly, and protects the health of the family.

The opening fan uses the German Schlegel covered sealant strip with the word q-lon, and the main sealing hot-melt welding adhesive strip, etc. to form a four-way sealing system, so that the indoor insulation and sound insulation are better.

For 16 years, from material selection to production, every innovation is to create high-quality aluminum clad wooden windows. With the spirit of ingenuity, the quality of ingenuity is forged, so that low-energy aluminum clad wooden windows can enter more families, families have "me", and families are guarded by "me", bringing more warmth to more families.

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