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Carpenter: please be nice to yourself

2019-12-02 09:55:54

In modern society, the pace of work and life is increasing rapidly, and health problems begin to spread among high-pressure people, and gradually become a hot topic of public discussion.

Almost everyone is striving for their dreams and lives. As the pace of life is faster and faster, the pressure of work is greater and greater, coupled with the irregular life, the body constantly warns, and is always ignored.

Health is everything. Without health, there will be nothing. There are many factors that affect people's health, such as environment, diet, daily life, mood, etc. on the way to struggle, sometimes we need to stop, rest and rest, be better for ourselves, and then set sail again, to go further. Personal health and life span 60% depend on yourself!

From the aspect of environment, air pollution and noise pollution threaten people's health. As an important place of life, for every member of the family, it is better to live far away from pollution.

The carpenter uses Schlegel sealing strip from Germany to open the aluminum clad wooden window. At the same time, he has four sealing systems to achieve the ultimate sealing performance, which is airtight and air pollution is blocked out of the window. The sound insulation effect is better.

Inner wood and outer aluminum structure, double decoration effect, make life more warm and healthy. High quality wood, full of natural breath, natural texture, plus Danish teknos environmental water-based paint, make the window a work of art.

Spacious vision, reasonable proportion, exquisite appearance and delicate texture make people feel happy.

"Metal coat" adopts high-precision aluminum alloy, seamless welding technology and seamless surface. The appearance is made of Dutch Aksu powder, which is presented by electrostatic spraying process and has a variety of customized colors.

Not only has the decoration effect, but also can effectively block the invasion of sand and rain, and protect the interior wood. Hidden drainage system design, exquisite appearance, outstanding drainage performance.

In order to achieve good insulation and sound insulation effect, the carpenter uses three glass two cavity offline Low-E hollow glass. The "low radiation hollow glass" made of Low-E coated glass not only greatly reduces the transmission of heat conduction and convection, but also greatly blocks the transmission of heat radiation. Its thermal insulation performance is higher than that of ordinary hollow glass.

Use European RC Level 2 anti-theft hardware and higher RC Level 3 hardware to make living space safer and more secure.

In the busy life, we need a comfortable and quiet space! Choose a carpenter to create a comfortable, warm and healthy living environment for you. Super sound insulation effect, more heat preservation space, let you sleep quietly, have a sufficient sleep to welcome a new day.

No matter how busy or tired you are, you should stop. Please be nice to yourself.

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