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Wood Artist Wins National Quality and Credit Benchmarking Enterprise

2019-10-08 09:18:06


High standard is the guarantee of high quality. High quality products and services are not only related to the improvement of quality of life and property security, but also directly related to people's life and health. The state has always attached great importance to it.

(Wood artists won the National Quality and Credit Benchmarking Enterprise)

Wood artists actively respond to the national call, give full play to the role of industry benchmarking, fulfill their due responsibilities, attach great importance to quality and create high-quality products, bear in mind the corporate mission of "doing every window well with heart", practice the service concept of "satisfying customers, we will have tomorrow", everyone enjoys high-quality doors and windows, and let low-energy aluminum-clad wooden windows enter more families.

The enterprise bulletin is published in the China Quality Daily and the China consumer news. It accepts the supervision from all walks of life, standardize and maintain the market order, optimize the business environment, create an honest, trustworthy and fair market environment, promote quality social co governance, and constantly satisfy people's yearning for a better life.

Notice source: China Quality Report 6775th issue Sixth Edition

Notice source: 6055th edition of China Consumer News Thirteenth Edition

Good life, accompanied by quality. To jointly build China's quality requires not only the efforts of the enterprises, but also the support of the whole society. Enterprises adhere to the quality oriented, adhere to the integrity of business, adhere to the quality of winning, and all sectors of society jointly promote quality development and promote quality social co governance. We can further stimulate the quality of innovation power, release quality and enhance vitality, build China's quality, create China's quality, win quality gains and enjoy quality happiness.

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