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Wood Artist: Welcome to visit and exchange with the delegation of Wilux!

2019-09-28 16:59:49

On 2019, 09, 27, Yu Huimin, executive vice president of wellux, Active House international appraiser Zhu Yanhua, Chinese Architectural Society Gao Weixian, and customer director Xing Wei and his party came to visit and exchange with wooden artists. For this reason, all members of the wood art company welcome you all!

Both sides had in-depth exchanges in various aspects and expressed their views from various perspectives.


Lanjun, General Manager, Technical Director and Director of Marketing Center of Wood Artists introduced the Wood Artists'New Sunshine Room System to all guests.

As well as the introduction of the newly introduced German HOMAG (Heroic) Sunshine Room Processing Center, dozens of knives are fully automatic exchanged, one-time milling, with high precision.

As a new sunshine room system, under the fully automatic and high-precision equipment, it not only improves the efficiency, but also improves the quality, enjoys the beautiful experience brought by high performance.

General Manager Lan Jun made a detailed introduction to the system of aluminium-clad wood windows, including the process, technology and so on.

Wood craftsmen have very high requirements for products. Every detail is perfect. The smallest fittings should strictly control the quality. Even if the cost increases, the quality and performance of products should be ensured.

Wood artists use Denmark TEKNOS environmental water-based paint, zero formaldehyde, harmless to the body. The wood texture can be clearly displayed, and the touch feeling is smooth and delicate.

The Director of Marketing Center introduced the wooden artist system of aluminium-clad wooden windows. Wood artists use European RC Class 2 anti-theft hardware, off-line LOW-E hollow glass and German SCHLEGEL seals to make the whole window safer, more thermal and quieter.

Wood artist system aluminium-clad wood windows, using the whole frame seamless welding, "metal coat" completely seamless, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, appearance of high-end atmosphere.

In order to avoid damage caused by transportation and affect the appearance of the whole window, woodworkers use better packaging methods to protect wood and aluminium, and send the perfect and flawless windows to every customer's home.


The director of woodworker technology introduces S70 Sunshine Room to you. As a system of Goodman, it brings warmth and quiet space to countless families.


For this visit and exchange, the two sides are very happy and believe that in the future, they will have closer cooperation and exchanges. Finally, welcome again to the arrival of the delegation of the group.


(group photo)

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