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Wood artist system sunshine room debugging completed

2019-08-17 09:16:00
On August 12, 2019, with the cooperation of many partners, the woodworker  system sunshine room debugging was completed efficiently and happily. All the woodworkers thanked the engineers of KLAES, HOMAG and Leitz in Germany for their debugging. They believe that in the future, they will cooperate more closely and happily with each other.
In April 2019, the woodworker signed a contract with Steinbach Sunshine House Company in Germany. In May of the same year, at the invitation of Mr. Helmut Steinbach, the learning group went to Germany to study and exchange. Now in August, the woodworker system sunshine house has been debugged and the era of a new sunshine house has arrived.
Wood Artists Partners
(HOMAG, Germany)
German Hermione has 50 years of knowledge and experience in the field of machinery manufacturing since 1960. The configuration and device of the processing center meet the needs of woodworkers. The large viewing window provides an excellent view for the production and operation of the equipment. The Haomei Sunshine Room Processing Center can complete the production task of the woodworker  Sunshine Room.
(Leitz, Germany)
Germany Blue Banner, which started in 1876 and spanned three centuries, has world-class tool manufacturing and testing equipment, imported high-quality tool materials and exquisite tool manufacturing technology accumulated in 143 years.
(Klaes, Germany)
Klaes, Germany, started in 1983, has grown into a global enterprise in 36 years. Dedicated to software development, with long-term experience and professional knowledge of doors and windows, sunshine room, curtain wall industry.
Wood Artist New Sunshine Room CNC

Wood artist  Sunshine Room will fully use HOMAG Sunshine Room Processing Center, which integrates end milling tenon, edge milling and drilling.
Sunshine room processing center, spindle 15 kW, with C axis, liquid-cooled spindle, with vibration monitoring system, improve the service life of the tool shaft and tool, can store 14 tool disc automatic tool change library.
Heavy gantry structure moving beam, SORBTECH patented technology bed, absorb vibration, tool axis milling more stable, high precision.
The SafeScan safety system of rotary scanning is installed on both sides of the machine safety room, and the processing operation is safe and reliable.
Large viewing window is convenient for operator to observe. The door on the right side of protective cover can be opened. It is very convenient for operator to maintain and inspect.
(group photo)
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